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Before i decided to launch this site , i joined so many site not with an intetion of making money online but have fun online and make money . among sites i joined none where real.

1. memberships
most of online forum will ask you to pay for membership every months or yearly which is quite Annoying ..

2. unstable
some sites are created by Maniacs who have nothing to do with there lives but scam people online , yes it there living to do so , first they will claim that their are companies and registered .
which is a white lie ,then they will give you good rate and ask you to invest after that they will disappear online forever.

3. Unseriousness
Honest trust sites by nature.. lets say their scripts , Do they have right to the script they are using or it is a black market script?
How about their names ... is it .. mrbux or mebux !!! honest the prefix "bux" is dead every site you will share a link with this prefix will not accept it!!

this is for new sites and new comers ... this names have scammed and spammed the internet with broken links ...

4. Unsecured
Honest if you care about yourself today you should not join any site that doe not have SSL on ....

Never ever trust your cash with anyone online , even referral renting is not accurate to do... since most of sites use bots and this bots are set days to click and not to click ... this can be Legit but some people abuse it ...[SCAMER] . With us no bot we advice our users to rent their friends as referrals or have their own direct referrals ... but we will never spam you with Promotions mails like others ..

Anyway this are some of my tips and online rules i do keep to myself...

Jun 28th 2018 at 7:43 PM
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