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  Paid To Click Advertising

Start an advertising campaign with advanced tracking and control. Use advanced tracking tools to target your customers.

Views Prices
500 Visitors $2.00
2000 Visitors $4.00

Views Prices
2000 Visitors $5.00

Views Prices
2000 Visitors $6.50

Views Prices

Views Prices

Views Prices

Paid To Video Advertising

Youtube video advertising. Receive quality controled views with our video system.

Views Prices
100 Visitors $0.00
1000 Visitors $2.00
5000 Visitors $10.00
10000 Visitors $15.00
15000 Visitors $20.00

Views Prices
1000 Visitors $3.00

Views Prices
1000 Visitors $4.00

GenGrid Advertising

Coin Grid is a game which allows users to win prizes by clicking on a grid location and visiting a website. Ads are for a shorter duration of time and clicking the ad will trigger a win or loss message after viewing.

Clicks Prices
1000 Hits $1.00
2000 Hits $2.00
5000 Hits $4.00

Paid To Signup

Purchase paid to sign up advertising and gain thousands of referrals for any site! Paid to sign Up offers are displayed under the 'PTSU' section.

Signups Prices
50 Credits $12.00
100 Credits $25.00

Featured Advertisements

Purchase featured advertisements and gain thousands of impressions for your links!
Advertisements are displayed at the homepage.

Clicks Prices
100 Hits $3.00
500 Hits $10.00
1000 Hits $20.00